Drug Dealers Take Getting High To A Whole New Level

Narcopaloma Argentina Drugs.jpg

In one of the more bird-brained ideas thought up by drug dealers, three people in Argentina were arrested after they trained pigeons to air deliver their dope to distributors around Buenos Aires.

Strapping packets of marijuana to the bodies of carrier pigeons, the jailbirds sent the dope from where it was grown to the distributors in and around the Argentinean capital.

One of the so-called “narcopalomas” was seized with 12 grams of pot strapped to its body and experts said that once trained, the birds could make around 20 trips a day, which means a considerable amount of the pigeon pot hit the streets.

"There are three people detained and we found about 400 grams of marijuana,” Nestor Larrauri, a Buenos Aires police commissioner, told AFP.

When police discovered the “fowl” play, they swooped in on the house where the drug dealers were growing the dope. After arresting the three unnamed pot peddlers, police found marijuana, the pigeons as well as heat lamps and a "home maintenance system to achieve rapid growth” of the marijuana plants.

According to Buenos Aires police, after finding newspaper clippings in the raided house, investigators determined the crooks were inspired by news reports of Colombian prisoners using pigeons for similar purposes.

Argentinean authorities were quiet on how they discovered the drug dealer’s birds nest – only saying that the investigation took 40 days – but added that the dealers believed that they thought the pigeons would fly safely of the watchful eye of the law.

While the possession of small amounts of marijuana has been decriminalized in Argentina, the sale, transport and cultivation of the drug are all still illegal.

The three people arrested are being held in custody in Buenos Aires and local authorities are keeping a close eye on them so they don’t try and fly the coop.



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