Twenty three year old woman gives birth to quintuplets–naturally conceived

Alexandra Kinova, 23, gave birth to four sons and a daughter by Caesarean section today

A Czech woman has given birth to healthy quintuplets today – the first to be born in her country.

Alexandra Kinova, 23, gave birth by Caesarean section to four sons and a daughter, officials at Prague’s Institute for the Care of Mother and Child said.

The father was present at the birth.

Ms Kinova already has one son and he helped choose the names of his five new siblings.

The four boys are called Deniel, Michael, Alex and Martin and the girl is called Terezka.

The family did not know what the sex of the all the babies were until they were born because two were hidden in the scan.

Zbynek Stranak, chief doctor at the neonatal section of the institute said the birth took place ‘without any complications.’ Five of a kind: The babies are the first naturally conceived quintuplets to be born in Prague

He said the babies have a 95-percent chance to grow up healthy. Ms Kinova, who is from Milovice, north east of Prague, beat staggering odds to conceive the quins without using IVF.

The mother-of-six did not realise she was carrying five babies until last month.  Ms Kinova’s birth went ‘without complication’ and she and her brood are in intensive care

At first doctors said she was having twins but in March staff said she was actually pregnant with four children. However, it was not until the following month that she finally discovered she was having quintuplets.


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