Bigamist jailed after pictures of his wedding were posted on Facebook

Garry Floodgate, 54, pleaded guilty to marrying his third wife in Las Vegas without divorcing his last

A man caught out getting married in Las Vegas by his wife when wedding photos appeared on Facebook has been jailed today for 20 weeks.

Plant driver Garry Floodgate’s wife Rachel called the police when she found pictures of his other wedding at the Circus Circus hotel’s chapel.

Mr. Floodgate, 54, thought that when he wed Canadian divorcee Sheila Siebert, 55, last June his divorce had come through.

He was in fact still legally married to his now ex-wife Rachel, 26.

She was contacted by Mrs. Siebert, the third wife from Calgary, Canada, who left him when she discovered the truth.

Mr. Floodgate, from Bletchley, Buckinghamshire pleaded guilty to committing bigamy on 5 June last year.

He told the court that he did not realize he was still married: ‘I was just confused. I had lots of things going on in my head. ‘

He was sentenced today at Northampton magistrates court, but his lawyers have lodged an appeal.


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