10-Year-Old Fatally Stabs Friend

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Ryan Carter, 12, stabbing victim

On Monday in El Cajon, a town outside of San Diego, Ryan Carter, 12, was stabbed to death by his 10-year-old friend.

The young boy, whose name has not been released due to his minor status, stepped in between a physical conflict between two boys and stabbed Carter to death with a kitchen knife.

Ryan Carter and the younger boy were apparently friends and many neighbors and relatives of both of the boys were shocked by the occurrence.

In an interview with the San Diego Union-Tribune the mother of the victim, Lisa Carter, said “Please don’t make it out that he was this terrible human being”.

According to the LA Times, neighbors and friends commented on the 10-year-old boy’s emotional instability, yet they were surprised by this violent act. Karen Hale, a friend of the victim’s family, didn’t believe that the boy knew that his actions would result in the death of Ryan Carter.

The San Diego Country district attorney’s office released on Wednesday that the 10-year-old boy is charged with murder and felony assault.

Under California state law a child has to be at least 14 years old to be tried as an adult, so he will be tried as a juvenile and has the possibility of being incarcerated in the Juvenile Justice System until he reaches age 25.

Thursday morning the 10-year-old defendant plead not guilty to the murder and felony assault charges. The judge ordered him to stay in Juvenile Hall for his safety until the February 23 court date in which the boy’s competency to fully comprehend the trials and ability to assist in his own defense will be judged.


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