Millionaire couple arrested over sex act with another man in club toilet

Mary and Chris Gorman

The couple deny all the charges against them. (Pic: Orange County Jail, Florida)

A multimillionaire Scottish couple have been arrested after being involved in an alleged sexual encounter in a toilet at a Florida nightclub.

Police claimed they found Chris and Mary Gorman, thought to be worth £45m, in a cubicle of the men’s toilets of the Roxy Club in Orlando with another man.

A police report alleged Mrs Gorman was performing a sex act on the man while her husband watched.

It is also claimed the 43-year-old had two wraps of cocaine in her handbag. Mrs Gorman is accused of becoming argumentative and pushing an officer in the chest during the arrest.

She was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer and possession of cocaine. Mr Gorman, 44, is reported to have been charged with interfering with police while they arrested his wife. A man found in the cubicle with them was released without charge.

This is an already horrendous situation for us and our children, so anything that can be done to limit this would be very much appreciated.

The pair was released on bail after paying around £1,300 and flew back to their home in Renfrewshire. Mrs Gorman faces five years in prison, if she is found guilty.

It is believed the couple, who have four children, were on a family holiday to Disney World when the incident happened.

Mr Gorman earned his millions after becoming a director of The Gadget Shop chain and also founding and selling the internet company Reality Group and the mobile phone retailer DX Communications.

He was awarded an OBE by the Queen in 2005 for his services to business. His wife is also a successful businesswoman and runs her own property development company.

The couple have been married since 1992 and live in a £2m mansion believed to have 33 televisions, a disco, a bar and a swimming pool.

The Gormans also own a house in Puerto Banus in Marbella, Spain. In a statement, they denied the charges against them.

It read: "Although the arrest did happen, we firmly do not believe that we have done anything to merit the charges or treatment we received.

"We totally reject all the charges and have appointed an attorney in Orlando who fully expects a successful resolution in due course.

"This is an already horrendous situation for us and our children, so anything that can be done to limit this would be very much appreciated," they added.


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