Libya revolution: Fighters ramp up the siege of Sirte

libya revolution sirte Anti-Gaddafi fighters fire a heavy artillery piece near Sirte (Picture: Reuters)

They set up new checkpoints and posted snipers in strategic positions on the outskirts of Sirte.

But there were no plans of another assault immediately after facing fierce resistance on Saturday which left seven of their fighters dead and 150 hurt.

‘It’s unlikely we’ll attack today unless we are attacked,’ said Aiman Majub, who helps co-ordinate revolutionary forces.

‘The idea is to catch our breath and re-group so we can be more strategic instead of blasting our way in.’

Osama Nuttawa al-Swehli, a revolutionary logistics officer, said the aim was to prevent any former regime figures hiding in Sirte from fleeing. ‘We have to make sure that no supplies get in and that none of their assets escape,’ he claimed.

Meanwhile, a mass grave containing the remains of 1,270 inmates killed by Col Gaddafi’s regime in a prison massacre 15 years ago has been uncovered.

The site was found near Tripoli’s Abu Salim prison, where the victims were killed on June 26, 1996, after protesting over conditions in the jail.


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