Music teacher Andrew Lindo sentenced to life for murder of fiancée

 Hid in suitcaseMusic teacher Andrew Lindo (inset) murdered his fiancée, Marie Stewart, at their home Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, in December (Picture: PA)

The 29-year-old education worker, who lived a ‘double life’ dating a string of women, strangled Ms Stewart then stabbed her 12 times in their bedroom before hiding her body in a suitcase in the garage.

Later, Lindo spent the night in the same room with his lover, Angela Rylance, after going to collect her with his two young children in the car.

Miss Rylance also spent Christmas Day at the Holmfirth house, unaware of the crime.

Lindo told Bradford Crown Court he had lost control during a row with Miss Stewart and admitted killing her, but denied murder. However, the jury found him guilty of the crime after deliberating for less than an hour.

Mr Justice Andrew Smith told Lindo he will serve a life sentence and spend a minimum of 22 years in prison for the ‘cruel and sustained’ attack on his fiancée.

The judge added he had shown an ‘extraordinary and chilling lack of remorse’ and warned Lindo’s future parole board of his ‘cunning and facility for deceit’ before he would be considered for release.

During the trial, as well as a string of lovers, it was also alleged Lindo had been involved with a minor.


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