He shoots and kills his wife then shoots two pastors

KillerJeremiah Fogle, the Polk County man accused of shooting two pastors and his wife Sunday, was also charged in 1986 with the shooting death of his previous wife in Highlands County.

About 25 years ago, police found Fogle at his Avon Park home in his briefs clutching a Winchester rifle with his wife Diane Fogle covered in blood and lying on a blanket on their bedroom floor.

He was charged with first-degree murder but those charges were dropped to manslaughter and he eventually entered into a plea agreement with prosecutors.

He was given 10 years’ probation.

Jeremiah Fogle, is being charged with First Degree Murder and three counts of Attempted Murder. The woman he’s accused of killing has been identified as Theresa Fogle.

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office says it received a 911 call around 10 a.m. Sunday from a caller who said a gunman had just run through the front door of the Greater Faith Christian Church at 2035 West Parker Street in Lakeland and shot Pastor William Boss and the Associate Pastor Carl Stewart.

Investigators say Fogle entered through the front door of the sanctuary and walked down the center aisle to the front of the church, where parishioners were conducting a prayer service ahead of the regular morning service.

Fogle was wearing dress pants and a dress shirt at the time. Detectives say he walked over to Pastor Boss, who was to the right of the church, kneeling in prayer. They say Fogle bent down as if to identify Boss, then shot him once in the back of the head.

Detectives say Fogle then turned to Associate Pastor Stewart, who was at the left side of the church. They say Fogle shot Stewart three times. They say Stewart was shot once in the head behind the left ear, once in the left shoulder, and once in the middle of his back.

Two parishioners, Derrick Foster and Corey Reed, tackled Fogle. They held him down and took away his gun, a 32. caliber revolver, until law enforcement could arrive to arrest him.

Fogle and his wife were once members of the church where the shooting happened.

They were married there back in 2002. But neither of them had attended services there in several years, and Gardin says they had recently started their own ministry. They sometimes held services at their house.


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