Rapist Attacked The Same Woman In The Same Place Twice In 3 Months (Photos)

A man raped the same woman twice in the false belief the stranger was his girlfriend, a court heard.

O’Nile Huggins, 20, grabbed the same woman from the street in two separate sex attacks, three months apart.

His horrified victim recognised her attacker on the second occasion but was unable to escape before he raped her again.

Jobless Huggins is thought to suffer from ‘a mild mental retardation’ and believed he was in a relationship with the 22-year-old, his lawyer claimed.

He was due to be sentenced for the double rape yesterday but the hearing was adjourned for further psychiatric assessment.

Huggins, of Stockwell, South London, had denied the sex attacks but was convicted following a two-week trial earlier this year.

The jury heard he struck for the first time in April last year (2010) when he grabbed the young woman as she walked home at midnight after visiting relatives in Stockwell.
He spotted her on the pavement, followed her and forced her behind some wheelie bins, where he raped her.

Three months later, in July last year, the woman was walking along a nearby road at 1am when she saw Huggins and recognised him as her attacker.

He grabbed the terrified woman and forced her into a children’s playground where he raped her for the second time.

The woman, who had not reported the first attack, then went to police and gave detailed accounts of both rapes, including helping detectives to create an e-fit picture of the rapist.

He was arrested in October by police who recognised him from the picture. Detectives searched his home and found hundreds of packets of unused condoms.
A search of the second rape scene also found a condom containing DNA from Huggins and his victim.

John Cooper, QC, defending, said Huggins had thought he was in a relationship with the woman, and that she wanted to have sex with him.

Reading from a medical report by consultant psychiatrist, Dr Dene Robertson, he said: ‘He believes the victim was his girlfriend, he believes she wanted to have sexual intercourse with him and he seems unable to entertain the idea that she was too scared to resist.

‘He is likely to act the same way in the future if he finds himself in the same situation.’
Mr Cooper said Huggins had never had a girlfriend, adding: ‘His first experience of sexual intercourse was the rape of his victim.’

He said the sex attacker had a history of ‘substance abuse’, but did not tell the court if Huggins had abused alcohol, drugs or solvents.
Paul Cavin, for the prosecution, said Huggins was thought to suffer from a ‘mild learning disability’ and said it had not caused him to attack the woman.

He told Inner London Crown Court: ‘It would be extraordinary if the doctors were to come to the conclusion that the offences which he committed were as a result of a mild learning disability… on any view this is a dangerous man.’

Mr Cavin told an earlier hearing: ‘This case constitutes every woman’s worst nightmare. This was a stranger rape, with the added horror of it happening again.’
A previous hearing was told the victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, now realised that not reporting the first rape, was a ‘terrible mistake’.

Detective Inspector Helen Hamilton, from Scotland Yard’s Operation Sapphire, which investigates sex offences, said: ‘The victim was incredibly brave in reporting both the rapes to the police so that we could investigate.
‘She suffered a terrible ordeal but had the courage to give evidence against Huggins in court.

‘I hope that her bravery gives confidence to other victims of rape and sexual violence to come forward and report their ordeal to the police.’
Sentencing was adjourned for further psychiatric assessment. Huggins was warned he could face a hospital order which would see him sent to a secure hospital for treatment.


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