Police Officer Responds To 911 Call Only To Find Out His 3 Year Old Son Shot Himself In The Head

The three-year-old son of a police officer accidentally shot and killed himself with a gun he found in a bedroom at home – and his father responded to the emergency call.

Daniel Metz died in hospital after shooting himself in the chest while playing in the back bedroom of his home in Maryland Heights, Missouri.

His father, Ryan, was one of the first officers on the scene, and watched distraught as his colleagues attempted in vain to resuscitate his little boy.

Horrific accident: Daniel Metz, three, shot himself with a gun he found at his home in Maryland Heights, Missouri. His police officer father was first on the scene.

Daniel was rushed to hospital but was pronounced dead at 6.05pm, half-an-hour after the shooting.

He was at home with his mother, Amanda, and was playing by himself in a back bedroom when he found his father’s gun.

Police chief Thomas O’Connor said it was Mr Metz’s personal firearm, and had not been issued by the department.

His mother rang 911 after she heard the shot and found her little boy bleeding slumped on the floor in a back bedroom.

Her husband was patrolling his local neighbourhood and answered the call.

Mr O’Connor described Patrolman Metz as a ‘good officer’, and said he had worked for the department for the last two years.

Looking visibly upset as he addressed television cameras, he said: ‘It’s a terrible thing. It’s pretty much a shock.’

He said Mr and Mrs Metz, who have two other children, are ‘devastated’. Devastating: Maryland Heights police officers who attended the scene and tried to resuscitate Daniel are being offered counselling

The couple and the officers who attended the scene – many of whom knew the little boy – are all being offered counselling.

Mr O’Connor said he does not yet know how the boy found the gun, but he intends to ‘look at every aspect’ of the case. He told Fox 12: ‘I’ve been a police officer 29 years and I never brought a loaded gun into my home while my kids were there for this very reason.

‘The gun should have been unavailable, locked up or something else, for a toddler to find.’


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