Attorney arrested for Prostitution

A high-flying attorney worked as a prostitute and offered to perform a sex act on a man for $50, officials say.

Reema Bajaj, 25, was linked to prostitution by police who were investigating a separate case involving child pornography.

The law expert is said to have met with a sex customer within 1,000ft of a school during August 2010, said DeKalb police Sgt. Bob Redel.
Bajaj, from Sycamore, Chicago, pleaded not guilty last week, according to her attorney David Camic of Aurora.


She is charged with two misdemeanours and one felony count, officials said.

DeKalb County Assistant State’s Attorney Julie Trevarthen said that because one of the offences is alleged to have taken place near the school it is a felony.

One of the alleged offences is reported to have involved charging a man $50 to perform a sex act on him.

Police linked Bajaj to prostitution after discovering emails between her and a man. Police were at the time taking part in a separate child pornography probe.

Bajaj would not have been a practising attorney at the time of the suspected offences. She graduated last year and was admitted to the bar in November.

She is said to have turned herself in to authorities at the DeKalb County Jail on May 31 after an arrest warrant was issued, according to the lieutenant.

She was charged on May 31 and is free on bail after submitting a $500 cash bond.

Reema posted a statement on her website before it was taken down. She wrote: ‘I am probably one of the few attorneys who knows what it feels like to be accused and in need of help.

‘This action will only make me stronger and better able to understand what my clients are going through.’
Bajaj is listed as an attorney with law offices at 1210 E. State Street, Suite 7 in Sycamore, according to her practice’s website.


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