26 perverts, including a public school teacher buted for trading images of child sexual assault–3 month old baby also victim

Joshua Ruiz leaves Manhattan Supreme Court Tuesday morning.

Joshua Ruiz leaves Manhattan Supreme Court Tuesday morning.

Twenty six perverts, including a substitute public school teacher, have been busted on charges of keeping a stomach-turning kiddie porn stash on their computers, prosecutors said Tuesday.

"The defendants in these cases traded images of child sexual assault the way that others trade baseball cards," prosecutor Cyrus Vance said.
"They were curators of their collections, who carefully labeled, sorted and shared their cache with others."

The DA’s office conducted the probe with federal authorities.

The parade of purported perverts included a Harvard-educated lawyer, a building super, a banker, a bartender, a high school student and a National Guard member.

One of the suspects worked at Alice’s Tea Cup, an Alice in Wonderland-themed teahouse that caters to parents and children.
"Their professions are as diverse as our city," Vance said.

The tens of thousands of pictures were as vile as anything ever discovered by law enforcers, including a 3-year-old getting raped in a bathtub and a 5-year-old forced to perform oral sex.
"These images are not pornography or pictures of erotica intended for sexual excitement," Vance said. "These are babies, these are toddlers."

Vance released details about the ring after a Manhattan substitute teacher pleaded not guilty Tuesday to trading child pornography files – including graphic sex videos – over the internet.
Joshua Ruiz, 32, who has been teaching at four public schools in Manhattan, was hauled into Manhattan Supreme Court on a grand jury indictment charging him with felony possession and distribution of sexual performances by children. He faces seven years behind bars.

While demanding that Ruiz be held on $35,000 bail, prosecutors described online chats they said they found on Ruiz’s home computer since he was first busted in May – including discussing the abuse of his 3-year-old nephew.
They said they may bring more charges relating to the chats.

"I’m so jealous of you," Ruiz told one chat buddy who described having sex with a 12-year-old boy, prosecutors told the judge. "Where do you meet them?" Ruiz asked, according to Assistant District Attorney Lauren Gretina. "How do you approach them?"
Prosecutors say Ruiz’ computer chats also involved the father of a 3-month-old baby girl, who described having sex with the infant, officials said. "I would love to be a part of it, even, at least, if you could let me just watch," Ruiz told the dad, Gretina said.
The prosecutor said Ruiz – who came to court with his mother, who he lives with on W. 170th St., and his pastor – spoke about sexually abusing his own 3-year-old nephew during one chat. Despite that claim, Ruiz told investigators, "I have never touched a child sexually in any way," court papers show. And prosecutors said they have not spoken to the parents of the child.

A woman answering the door at Ruiz’s apartment Tuesday said he wasn’t there. "I’m not talking to nobody," the woman said in Spanish. The documents say Ruiz admitted to having child porn on his computer. "The downloading of child pornography got to be an obsession," prosecutors say he told investigators. "I have about 50-100 child pornography files on my computer now." Official said Ruiz used computer from 2009 to 2011 to access the porn.

The judge let Ruiz stay out on the $15,000 bail set after his arrest. Ruiz lawyer, Marc Laykind, maintained his client was innocent. Ruiz has been a substitute teacher in public schools since September 2008, most recently at PS 199, PS166, PS 111 and PS 333 in Manhattan. An agency spokeswoman said he was removed from the classroom on May 4, when we was arrested and had no prior criminal record when he was hired.


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