Man Body Slams & Kills Grandma Over one dollar

An East Harlem man accused of killing his grandma confessed he gave her a hug – then body slammed her – after she handed him $1 instead of the $175 he demanded, a cop testified Wednesday.

"Oh my God, I killed my grandmother," Larry Davis, 22, admitted, according to Det. Mark Worthington.
Davis, 22, is charged with knocking Cora Davis, 76, to the floor, shoving her in a bedroom closet, and partying with a prostitute in the room for two days.

Testifying at a hearing to determine if Davis should be held until a grand jury returns an indictment, the detective said Davis claimed he "bumped" his grandmother, making her fall in her E. 124th St. home.

But he admitted the shove "was intentional, that he did it out of frustration because she gave him a dollar. He wanted $175," Worthington testified.
Davis allegedly said that after the hug, he jammed his right shoulder hard into her – then panicked when she tumbled because she had an order of protection against him.

Instead of calling 911, he dragged her through two rooms to the closet and then got on with his life, surfing the Internet for "sex sites in an attempt to get laid," Worthington said.
When that failed, he went out, found two friends and a prostitute, and brought them home to party and smoke pot with him for a day and a half, the cop said.

It was then, March 30, that Cora Davis’ sons came looking for her – and found him in her bed.

"She’s at the hospital," Davis told his worried relatives.

The testimony came in a preliminary hearing before Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Melissa Jackson who ruled that prosecutors could continue to hold Davis without bail for another 45 days without a grand jury indictment.
Davis’ lawyer, Bryan Konoski, asked the judge to release his client because the autopsy is not complete and the grandma, who’s survived to heart attacks, could have died of natural causes.
He said preliminary autopsy results show her injuries may have been caused by "moving the already deceased body."

NY Daily News


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