Teen Desperate For A Baby Tries To Cut Unborn Child From Friend’s Womb

Kassandra TorugaA baby-crazed teen in Arizona  has admitted attacking her nine-month-pregnant friend and trying to the cut the unborn child out of her womb, Arizona police said.

Firefighters nabbed Kassandra Toruga, 18, of Maricopa in her friend’s home Feb. 16 with two big butcher’s knives, scissors, diapers and a big bag of baby clothes, local police said.

Cops said Toruga admitted she planned to kill her pal and perform a gruesome, amateur C-section because she wanted a baby of her own.

The teen was so obsessed that she told friends she was pregnant and even used an ultrasound image as her My Space profile picture, Phoenix TV station KPHO reported.

Police said the teen has a history of mental illness.

Firefighters were at the scene because Toruga set fire to her friend’s closet during the horrific attack, cops said.

The friend eventually gave birth to the baby but is terrified Toruga will try to hunt her down and steal the child, KPHO reported.

Toruga has been charged with first-degree attempted murder, arson and burglary. She’s being held in lieu $500,000 bond.


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