Accused of stealing 15 rabbits from aunt


rabbitA father of five accused of stealing 15 rabbits from his aunt was on Friday placed on $25,000 bail after appearing before Acting Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court.

It is alleged that on December 20 at Georgetown, Glendon Harry stole 15 rabbits valued $27,500; property of Yvonne Harry.

The horse cart operator of 44 Princes Street Werk-en-Rust, Georgetown denied the charge of simple larceny when it was read to him by the acting chief magistrate.

In presenting the facts of the case, prosecutor Stephen Telford told the court that on the day in question at approximately 9:00 pm, the virtual complainant (VC) was alerted by the barking of her dogs that someone was probably in her yard.

After making several checks, Telford related that the woman saw her nephew running through her gate. Moments later, the prosecutor said that the woman realised that 15 of her rabbits were missing from their pen.

According to Telford, investigations subsequently conducted by the police revealed that the rabbits were removed by the woman’s nephew.

When given a chance to respond, the accused told the court that he did not remove his aunt’s rabbits. He added that he has five minor children to maintain and pleaded with the magistrate to be granted bail.

The accused was later placed on $25,000 bail. His matter was transferred to Court Two for January 5.


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