ThomasST. GEORGE’S, NOVEMBER 17, 2010 – Prime Minister Tillman Thomas has indicated his intention to reallocate ministerial portfolios among members of his Cabinet.

The Prime Minister on Tuesday met with the Cabinet Ministers who will be affected by the changes.

“These changes are designed to strengthen our implementation process, improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our operations and properly utilize the strengths of the team,” Prime Minister Thomas said.

The Prime Minister noted that all members of his administration, upon winning the July 2008 general election and assuming office, gave a commitment to serve the people of Grenada in whatever capacity they are required to.
“There is nothing extraordinary about a cabinet reshuffle, it is simply meant to allocate our resources to reflect the government’s priorities at various stages of the country’s development,” the Prime Minister commented on Wednesday.

Mr. Thomas said the changes also reflect his own resolve to improve the coordination, oversight and overall management of Grenada’s development process.

The changes will take effect on Monday after Cabinet members received their instruments of appointment to their new portfolios, from Governor General Sir Carlyle Glean.


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