Venezuela and Colombia leaders to hold talks on rift

President Chavez speaking on Alo Presidente Colombia’s new President Juan Manuel Santos and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez are to meet in Colombia for talks on Tuesday.

The two leaders are to discuss their countries’ diplomatic rift, Colombia’s foreign ministry said.

After Mr Santos’ inauguration on Saturday, Mr Chavez said he would like to meet him "face-to-face".

Earlier, Mr Chavez urged Colombia’s largest left-wing rebel group, Farc, to free all its hostages.

Mr Chavez has in the past successfully brokered a deal with the Farc rebels to release some of their hostages.

Last week, the Farc said they were willing to search for a political solution to the 46-year-old conflict.

And Juan Manuel Santos began his presidency by signalling he would be willing to talk to the rebels if they freed their hostages.


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