Police use intelligence-centred approach to fighting crime

Antigua Observer

Lawmen have placed a focus on intelligence-led policing to aid them in their duties during this Carnival season.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Neal Parker acknowledged that it will be virtually impossible for the police to be at every street corner in Antigua, but explained that that’s where intelligence policing comes in.

“We put resources where we feel are the highest risk areas,” he said on OBSERVER AM yesterday.  “So we spread them out based on history, intelligence.”

The deputy commissioner continued, “We have built an effective intelligence unit and the best way to put a security package in place is always based on intelligence information so that we can not only be there to interact with things that may be happening, but also we have to look at prevention and anticipating where things may happen.”

According to the deputy commissioner, equally as important is intelligent policing in which the law enforcers make informed decisions


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