CAUGHT ON TAPE! Cops beat, shoot St Ann man to death


Police Commissioner Owen Ellington has ordered the immediate arrest of the policemen involved in yesterday’s killing of a man from Pineapple in Ocho Rios St Ann.

The Constabulary Communication Network (CCN) had earlier reported that the man, Ian Lloyd, was shot dead after he attacked members of a police party. According to the CCN, Lloyd, also known as ‘Ching Sing’, had earlier stabbed and killed Loveta Wilson, otherwise called ‘Cherry’ at her home in Old Bucksfield , Ocho Rios, St. Ann.

The CCN says the police were accosting Lloyd at the woman’s home when he hurled stones injuring four cops. “Continuing to unleash his fury, Lloyd stabbed at one of the lawmen and was shot. Both Lloyd and Wilson were taken to the St. Ann’s Bay Hospital where they died,” the CCN reported this morning.

But the Commissioner says after examining a citizen’s video of the incident he has instructed that the policemen be immediately arrested.


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