Trinidad Newsday

Murdered DIANNE WILLIAMS, 37, and her son, eight-year-old Shaquille Morgan, were inseparable; they were hardly ever seen without each other.

Williams, of Stony Hill Avenue, Tarodale Gardens near San Fernando, was HIV positive and so was little Shaquille who never attended school because of his illness.

The mother of three never hid the fact that she and her young son were both HIV positive. It was her illness she often spoke of as she sought financial help from members of the public to buy food and clothing.

Williams, relatives said yesterday, took care of her common-law husband Bob Morgan, who was Shaquille’s father, up until his death at their Tarodale home a year ago.

The headless bodies of Williams and her son were discovered last Wednesday at the Forres Park landfill, Claxton Bay. Not only were the heads of the mother and son missing, their bodies were mutilated. Investigators believe the bodies were put in garbage bags and dumped in the landfill.

The lower part of Williams’ body and severed legs were found in a muddy drain at the landfill and Shaquille’s headless body was also discovered in the drain.


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